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My approach takes advantage of what the latest research in psychology and neuroscience teaches us-- both about how we get stuck and, more importantly, how to get unstuck, develop internal awareness and alignment, and create a more vibrant, meaningful life. My training is grounded in Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Nature-based Therapy, Somatic and Movement therapies.  

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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

                                               I believe that what you need to heal already lives inside you!

It’s my job to help you access it. IFS, a gentle, non-pathologizing approach that helps you reconnect to the wisdom and compassion you were born with. In IFS, we respect that we are all made up of many parts—one part of you says, “I want to go to to therapy and explore these patterns” (or, I want to start looking for a better job) and another says, “Nah, I’m staying in bed to binge Netflix and relax.” 

It’s normal to have these parts of ourselves that have different—and sometimes conflicting—thoughts and feelings. Our work will start with the assumption that all parts have positive intentions for you. So, instead of trying to get rid of any thought, feeling, or sensation. I’ll help you learn to extend curiosity and compassion to whatever feels hard to be with inside yourself. 

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